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KingNahh: Progress heals all wounds

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KingNahh: Ideas are worthless until you get them out of your head

If you stop to watch anything today, let this be it! Motivation from Nyeeam "King Nahh" Hudson.

The Most Motivational Kid in America Nyeeam Hudson shares this advice for life on@forbes: First, always remember to enjoy your life. “Don't get so wrapped up in things.” To be happy, he says, “Appreciate and value every moment you have.” When troubles come along, remember that “Problems only mean you're alive, so find a way to smile no matter what.”

Secondly, appreciate your accomplishments. He points out that many people focus too much on what they haven’t done instead of what they have achieved. “There’s someone in the world praying to be where you are right now. And the level you're willing to quit at? That's the level they're wishing for.” And finally, help other people. 

The obvious advice is to stay on the lookout for opportunities, but Nyeeam sees it differently. “Sometimes we're so focused on accomplishing our dreams that we forget about the people around us,” he says, but “You have to give opportunities the same way you want opportunities to come to you.…
Every time I see one of my friends his head always down, I ask ‘what's wrong?’ He always says ‘I'm sad’, and I say ‘no! tell me what's going on with you!’ and then he'll say ‘I'm mad!’ It took me some time to think about it, but I figured it out. My friend doesn't know how to express himself. He doesn’t have the words in his vocabulary to tell me, or himself, exactly how he feels. Every feeling has a word that describes that feeling, but he didn't have enough words in his mind to express how he felt in his heart. This is what causes a lot of young men to walk around angry. Reading an audio books will have this problem.

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Nyeeam Hudson has captured global and national celebrity attention and audiences. “The International Motivational Speaker” is one of “12 kids who rocked the world in 2016” according to the Huffington Post and Forbes would like for you to “Meet the most motivational kid in America.” Nyeeam has been interviewed and has appeared on countless media platforms, including Good Morning America (ABC-NY). Nyeeam Hudson has written his first book ‘We Are All Kings’ – A Motivational Guide for Parents. He shares his journey to encourage young boys to believe in themselves as kings of greatness. “Expose your child to a broad spectrum of experiences. Let them explore and tap into their greatness – every moment counts!” – Nyeeam Hudson

When I'm on stage I don't think about being afraid to speak in front of a large or small crowd. My largest audience was 10,000 people. It's a beautiful thing to inspire people. Watching your words touch people. Some people cry, some people smile, some people just stare, as if they can't believe my words are coming from me. Words are really powerful and we have the ability to talk all day! I don't think we truly value the power of words.

Have you ever wondered how many words you use a day? And out of all of those words, how many words were positive? How many of those words impacted someone else? With the right words you can build someone's confidence, and with the wrong words, you can destroy their confidence. Please choose your words wisely!

When I'm on stage I don't wait for the reactions of other people to tell me how good or bad I did. Raisins are grapes that went bad. Some people won't eat an old grape but they love raisins. People will always hav…