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KingNahh: Conversations that build greatness

Every word counts, every image you put into their minds and hearts shape their reality. Feed them love, let them know it's okay to make mistakes. A boy with low self-esteem grows to become a man with no self-esteem. Encouragement is the key and motivation is the steering wheel. Your children will hear your voice forever. Make sure your voice is positvely powerful enough to make them feel strong.
Look your children in their eyes. Hold them tight and slence all their fears. Give them enough space to fall, and let them know the power is in standing up! Unstoppable. Unstoppable. Unstoppable!

Your children are your reflection, make sure that mirror shines bright. There may be days when they feel like putting their head down, and that's when your voice is needed the most. The power is in your hands. Give them one hundred percent of your heart, and I guarantee you, your children will make you smile forever!
Conversations that build greatness.


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