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The Most Motivational Kid in America Nyeeam Hudson shares this advice for life on@forbes: First, always remember to enjoy your life. “Don't get so wrapped up in things.” To be happy, he says, “Appreciate and value every moment you have.” When troubles come along, remember that “Problems only mean you're alive, so find a way to smile no matter what.”
Secondly, appreciate your accomplishments. He points out that many people focus too much on what they haven’t done instead of what they have achieved. “There’s someone in the world praying to be where you are right now. And the level you're willing to quit at? That's the level they're wishing for.” And finally, help other people. 

The obvious advice is to stay on the lookout for opportunities, but Nyeeam sees it differently. “Sometimes we're so focused on accomplishing our dreams that we forget about the people around us,” he says, but “You have to give opportunities the same way you want opportunities to come to you. If all the people in the world just focused on what they wanted to do, there would be no one out here to help the next great person following their dreams.” The person you lend a hand to might lend you a hand tomorrow, he notes. “Opportunities are not yours to keep, so make sure you give them away.” 


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