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These words destroy dreams: “Stop making all that noise. Just be a kid. Go sit down somewhere.” These words are devastating to children that have creative ideas. I remember when I used to write on the wall and my father would take the marker and tell me to write on the refrigerator because we can erase it – he would let me be creative.

I used to make a lot of noise screaming and dancing all over the house and sometimes my father would join me… LOL When I look at some of the tapes he recorded, I laugh, but I do understand why parents get annoyed sometimes. I asked my father why he never told me to stop or go sit down. He said he looked into my eyes and saw my highest level of excitement, and that's why he let me jump around and express myself.

So what you see today is a reflection of that confidence and expression that I was allowed to share when I was just a little boy. I get on stage with the same confidence. I used to dance in the mirror and I encourage you all to dance in the mirror too! Chase your dreams and never give up. 


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